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Matt Cheselka mcheselka at yahoo.com
Fri May 13 10:24:09 EDT 2005

Yeah -- and now I'm having to stop growing for a while as we move to our new place next month.  It's a bummer to not be growing veggies, especially during the "peak" season, but it's totally fantastic that I'll finally have a place of my own.  Now the serious fun will begin.  We're very excited (and nervous, and anxious, and worried, and....).
It was very kind of Newfarm to single me out, but that's only becuase I've gotten the most "hits".  Time will tell if my efforts and results match my enthusiasm.  It's been mostly hot air being blown out of my mouth up until this moment.  Having my own land right outside my back door will be the true test.  Far out, man!
Take care, y'all.
Matt Cheselka
Cosmic Lettuce

Pat Meadows <pat at meadows.pair.com> wrote:

>From NewFarm.org - 


The forums are really hopping with activity. Over the past
few weeks, New York farmer Chris Grant has gotten some
encouraging feedback about his new website, Agritourism
World (www.agritourismworld.com/). There are more great
suggestions—and some trepidation—about managing a CSA. Matt
Cheselka’s “Cosmic Lettuce Journal” has had nearly 600
visitors, though he hasn’t posted an entry in awhile (hint,
hint). One farmer got expert advice on pricing for the
restaurant market.



Way to go, Matt. :)


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