[Market-farming] cats in the garden and mice in the greenhouse

Nan Johnson nan at olemiss.edu
Thu May 12 12:10:13 EDT 2005

Having cats also (only 4, hah!) and chickens too that somehow manage to 
invade the garden, I have used chicken wire as a "shield" over the beds and 
floating row covers to keep cats out, since I also have lost plants from cat 
urine in the house (not in garden!)  I once tried a spray that was supposed 
to repel cats with its nastiness but didn't seem to work well......

BTW, I also tried products made with bobcat urine (phew, they were STINKY) 
to keep the mice from eating all the seeds in the hundred plus flats in our 
greenhouses at work, and didn't help at all.  Nor did those sonic plug in 
devices.  We even tried suspending trays from the middle of the greenhouse 
ceiling and mice still got to the flats.

Now I am trialing Garden's Alive "Bull's Eye" bioinsecticide for fire ants 
in the greenhouse pots and in the flooring.  So far not impressed, but maybe 
someone else has had success.......will keep dosing the ant hills every 
week...maybe that is what it takes...
nan at dancing goats farm, mississippi, zone 7b 

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