[Market-farming] RE: Cats in the Garden

Stephanie Nosacek breezynosacek at hotmail.com
Thu May 12 01:54:06 EDT 2005

Ohboy do you have a problem!

When I was growing up I stayed with my grandmother as much as possible and 
even lived with her on a permanent basis for a few years.

She owned a lot facing 25th street which had two cottages on it. She lived 
in the back one and rented the front. We had an alleyway that ran to 26th 
street and an elderly lady, whose home faced the other street lived there 
and collected cats.

My grandmother tried everything humanely possible to keep those cats out of 
her garden because if they sprayed the plants they died.

One year, the old woman built a childs playhouse out in the backyard and all 
of her cats went into it. She died a couple of years later and they counted 
close to 50 cats, if I recollect correctly. No wonder my grandmother was 
always fighting to keep the cats out of her tomato plants.

I don't know what it is in cat urine but it will kill your plants. I've got 
two cats now that we adopted, they come around for dinner and I'm already 
struggling with keeping them out of my garden. They love tilled soil.


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