[Market-farming] American Bamboo

Karen Sutherland and Roots Farm rootsfarm at marpin.dm
Tue May 10 10:17:38 EDT 2005

Unfortunately, this is neither an edible nor a beautiful nor a useful 
(directly to man) bamboo.  It is, however, prolific and invasive and 

I have a feeling we dimly know eachother or rub shoulders with same 
people (CISA?, NESFI?) or perhaps I have just heard about you when I was 
based in SHadley, MA.

In any case,  I am grateful for your helpfulness and list presence.

All best wishes,


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GreenMrkt at aol.com wrote:

> Also some bamboo shoots are edible.
> If you are sure what variety you have it may be marketable as food.
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