[Market-farming] RE: Sam's Club

Stephanie Nosacek breezynosacek at hotmail.com
Thu May 5 00:50:25 EDT 2005

I used to be a member years ago, didn't renew my membership cause I went to 
work for UHaul but now I'm back at my own business again.

Didn't realize they gave boxes away, will check it out. Forgot about the 
bags, thanks for the reminders.

Perhaps you are right about the flea market. I rented a booth at the 
Flea/Farmer's in Crewe and it was to reserve it paid for the weekend, and 
told her I would be up regular. That Fri. I had to call and tell her that I 
needed to wait on a shipment of plant material as I do hanging baskets and 
didn't want the cuttings to cook, but I would be up on Sunday. So, I go up 
there that afternoon to work on setting up my booth and find out she had 
given (permanently) my space to someone that doesn't even show up, but the 
woman's stuff was in my space already.

She tried to put me into a room that had mildew all through it.

Told her no thanks.

Found out there is a nice Flea Market but it is a drive to get to. Seems 
like they have a lot of customers though and good management. So, I might 
try that.


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