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Hello Steph,
We also plan on selling toms and extra plants. Instead of farmers markets
(no markets near) we'll be selling at a flea market. The vendors are really
pleased to have veggies and I'm sure you could reach a wider crowd. Not to
mention, the people who look for bargains at flea markets are usually the
canning crowd. We figure this would also allow us to sell related canning
materials and anything else we have on hand. I also plan on doing spice
mixes and some of the rules at the closest farmers matket don't allow for
any items not grown by the seller. 
On pricing toms-we plan to charge close enough to what the market
bears-that's what most people seem used to. With the rising price of gas
you know that food and veggie costs will only go up.....Of course, there
would be a volume discount. We're doing all European heirlooms and also
plan on having samples-that's the best advertising you can get. Especially
since most people aren't familiar with them and are used to the softballs
sold in the stores.
Green tomatoes might be an interesting thing especially down south. I've
also seen green toms pickled. Don't think it would work well around here in
On boxes-if you're anywhere near a sams club you can get all the free
tomato boxes you want-they even have the foam inside and stack beatifully.
Instead of giving these boxes away we'll use those generic white thank you
bags for purchases. You can get 1000 for $10 at sams club or costco. They
have better clear ones at costco.
Sorry if I sound like an ad for sams club. I just find they have the best
prices in bulk for all those essentials needed to sell. Happy farming!!!


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On 5/4/2005 at 12:19 AM Stephanie Nosacek wrote:

>Yes Lucy,
>I tried posting twice and the darn thing kept scrubbing it. So, hello
>everybody! I sat here and read 30 of the lists emails last night so I
>get caught up, normally I would have gotten kicked off after reading 1 
>message. Hate my ISP but it's cheap and I'm rural.
>Instead of selling plants at the farmers/flea market I decided to try 
>growing produce to sell. Since most of what I will have are a variety of 
>different tomatoes and there are a lot of canners around and a ton of bell

>peppers i thought I might either sell them off the truck (which is done 
>quite successfully here) or sell them wholesale to the farmers market
>Either way, how do you price your stuff? Do you price it according to
>prices from USDA or just what the market will bear? I figure on offering
>bushel boxes of tomatoes for canners and those little square boxes for the

>salad tomatoes and slicers. On the little boxes, I'll display them in the 
>box and put them in the bag and keep the box unless the customer makes a 
>deal out of it.
>Does anybody ever sell green tomatoes for slicing? Do you charge more or
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