[Market-farming] Thanks, everyone! Plus, my berry packaging

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Tue May 3 18:27:51 EDT 2005

You buy them in Sams club ,Pat. We originally experimented with them to
sell starter plants in because that makes a great mini greenhouse, but we
found that the roots didn't like the clear cup. Sams club will even ship to
your door. We have to go 120 miles to get to one here-altho it gives a
great reason to visit the grandkids. 
For the plants we just took a hot nail and put drainage holes in the
bottom. They'd still be good for mini greenhouses if you keep the bottoms


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On 5/3/2005 at 6:17 PM Pat Meadows wrote:

>> Fill
>>them without the lid and then put the lid on and sell! I love the origami
>>idea, but between the time and the transportability I think clear plastic
>>cups are the way to go for us. And they'll even fit in car drink holders
>>for quick snacks!! The price is about $8 for 100 cups. 
>Where do you buy these, Barb?  I mean: what type of store?
>I'm not sure just *why* I'm interested, but you never know:
>maybe I'll have a use for them someday.  
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