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Robin Follette marketfarmers at thymeforewe.com
Sun May 1 18:15:05 EDT 2005

>>>Sorry to disappoint you, but I think when hunters sit out in the woods and try to sound like turkeys, they're taking advantage of the fact that turkeys DON'T mate for life. I wouldn't risk letting rare-breed turkeys wander where there are wild ones.<<<

Inland Fisheries & Wildlife said the same thing.  A jake will mate as many hens as possible.  I've kept my birds in unless I'm outside working.  I haven't seen the wild turkeys since last Saturday but I'm sure they'll be back.  Thanks to all who wrote.

Our bird problem shifted from wild turkeys to two great blue herons hanging out at our stocked pond this week.  One bird one time was cool.  Two birds all week is a problem.  I don't think they can get the large rainbows but the smaller ones do get much closer to shore.  This afternoon an osprey (I think) was perched in a large maple watching over the farm.  It didn't stay long and hopefully won't be back again since it found nothing to eat.

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  Dorene wrote: these turkeys seem to be a mated pair, so maybe they mate for life in the wild and your rare breeds will be okay?
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