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Sorry to disappoint you, but I think when hunters sit out in the woods and try to sound like turkeys, they're taking advantage of the fact that turkeys DON'T mate for life. I wouldn't risk letting rare-breed turkeys wander where there are wild ones.

Errol Castens
Oxford, Mississippi

Dorene wrote: these turkeys seem to be a mated pair, so maybe they mate for life in the wild and your rare breeds will be okay?

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< Think of them as guinea foul on steroids, they eat insects and I have never seen any crop damage from them. They will get into my greenhouses but if I leave them alone they exit without stepping on plants. Dogs fear turkeys more then turkeys fear dogs>.  Wild turkeys must be nicer in Jersey!  I had one mating pair that had up to 8 poults a year.  They ate all my ground cherries and pecked the tomatoes and peppers.  We don't have any livestock (church won't let me! L), so my Border Collie has free rein to chase out deer, turkeys,  and ground hogs - she trees the feral cats (it seems to be a game for both) and kills the voles, mice and rabbits. After two years of being chased by Pepper, the turkeys seem to have given up - the turkeys never took PEOPLE seriously, but they would fly away for dogs.  As Pepper actively chases them (I wish she'd catch one!), they would take off if they saw her and I haven't seen them this year yet. Some dogs know what livestock belongs to them and what doesn't - -plus, these turkeys seem to be a mated pair, so maybe they mate for life in the wild and your rare breeds will be okay? Dorene Pasekoff, Coordinator

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