[Market-farming] zucchini post-harvest handling

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Wed Jul 27 19:25:10 EDT 2005

On Wed, Jul 27, 2005 at 07:07:45PM -0400, Allan Balliett wrote:
> Do you wrap the zukes in plastic wrap, wet towels or ?? How do you 
> keep the humidity up in your cooler? Things often shrivel on us. 
> Thanks -Allan
> >no water, some varieties don't store well. if you can store at 45-50 it
> >is best.
> >>
> >>  How do ya'll handle your squash and zucchini for shelf life and to keep it
> >>  from getting scratched up?

My zucchini is generally not very dirty when picked; I just put it in 
the walkin cooler in ventilated boxes.  Shriveling seems not to be a 
problem for the maximum of a few days that it is there.

Minimal handling for scratching.  We pick right into the plastic crates 
that go into the cooler.  The plastic crates go directly to farmers 
markets or we re-pack into cardboard boxes for grocery stores.

Greens, I usually rinse (both to clean and to replace already lost 
moisture) and then place in plastic bags or cover with plastic in the 
walkin.  Greens will wilt in just a day or so if left un-covered in the 
cooler.  They are good for a week or so packed in plastic.

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