[Market-farming] WOW! talk about quiet!

Margaret Wilson booldawgs at cavenet.com
Tue Jul 26 18:17:00 EDT 2005

Send it up here, please.  We got very little snow in the  mountains this
year so we have no snow pack to keep the streams and rivers flowing.  The
only thing that has saved us from a major drought was a long, cold, rainy
spring.  Of course, that meant everything that needed heat just sat there
and is now behind schedule.  Now it is unseasonably hot and very dry.  Bean
leaves are being devoured as fast as they grow.The creek is too low for
irrigating the pastures so I will be buying hay before long.  I wonder how
long we small farmers can take climate change before we go broke.


> Unseasonably wet weather has ruined many crops here.  Tomatoes,
> cantaloupes, watermelon, southern peas.
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