[Market-farming] Squash blossoms

Elaine Granata ecgranat at ouray.cudenver.edu
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Marcy:  I brought squash blossoms to farmers market for two years-- I picked
them last, just before heading to market and put the stems in water and kept
them cool-- they still will close about 11:00.  The specialty market I sell
to buys them now and then.  The owner knows food well and says he does not
like the taste of the female flowers -- the ones with the squash left on--
he thinks they're mushyer and don't taste as good.  I've haven't tested
this, but offer it as one man's opinion about whether you should pick both
male and female.  I've only done the males.

Good luck,

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> A customer at the market asked if I could bring squash blossoms. I haven't
> checked any of the post-harvest charts yet, but I'm wondering if anyone
> experience and what kind of treatment/handling you'd recommend. I tried a
> few and they seem pretty delicate and wilt easily. I'm thinking maybe
> fit in egg cartons.
> Other packaging ideas?
> Should I keep them cool?
> Pricing?
> Marcy SE Colo, zone 5 going on hot
> I think that you should make sure that you leave the little zucchini on
the blossoms.  they are selling great at my market.  And they look better
too I think.  I am not sure how they are transporting them...and I know they
are only good for a day.  Maybe good idea to have them cool while
transporting them...
> Courtney
> Herb Thyme
> Middlefield, Oh
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