[Market-farming] Farmer's Market question

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Mon Jul 18 23:31:25 EDT 2005


I am the chair of our market that was established in 1987.  Our community is
approximately 45000 with a county population of 65000.  We are blessed with
a permanent covered location and a downtown location.  2 days a week,
Wednesday and Saturday.  We are located in central Kansas.

As for the rule "if you have a home-based stand you are not eligible" is
pretty much short sided of the market's governing board.  If you have
participated in the past, I would certainly include in my advertising the
reason I am not at the local farmers market.  

I market at both, here at our farm and at area farmers markets.

You know a well thought out and written note to your local editor for his
review and print would certainly make you feel better and bring public
awareness to the "favoritism" practiced by your local farmers market.

Central Kansas  

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