[Market-farming] Moving the Melon Patch

Pat Jackowsky 3littlepigsmkt at bellsouth.net
Mon Jul 18 23:31:31 EDT 2005

> I've always heard melons shouldn't be planted in the same place year after
> year.  Is this true?  If so, why?  Disease?  Soil nutrients? Insects?

I've always heard that too because of nutrients and disease.  We have 
planted in the same spot and didn't have any trouble but could have just 
been lucky.

I also have a melon question.  We have the most abundant crop of watermelons 
we have ever had.  The vines are very tall and has consumed every square 
inch of the patch.  We have melons that should be ready in the next couple 
of weeks and then there are tons of new ones still making.  How do we go 
about harvesting this jungle of melons without doing extensive damage to the 
smaller melons and vines? Any ideas?


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