[Market-farming] Buckwheat re-growth?

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I too have enjoyed this thread. We planted buckwheat last year and unintentionally let it go to seed.  It did help loosen the soil and prevent quite a bit of weed growth and is coming back spottily this year.  When we planted it, we broadcast it and then ran the big lawn roller over it.  Then watered, it did very well.

A new question...has anyone used it over tuplip, allium, or lily beds to control the weeds once you're doing harvesting the flowers?  I have an opportunity now to try that...and would appreciate any further advice!

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Enjoyed your description of using the wheel hoe to get rid of the weeds
that had sprouted and harrow in the buckwheat.  Sounds like a great
method for a small area.  I'll file that away to use some time.

Regarding buckwheat's biomass production: buckwheat does grow rapidly
but it is very succulent so there's actually not a lot of dry matter
that is produced.  One of the primary soil benefits is the fact that the
roots leave the soil very loose and friable.  This in addition to the
previously discussed benefits of keeping an area green and covered,
preventing weed growth, and provide nectar for beneficial insects and bees.

All this talk about buckwheat makes me want to go out and plant some!

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