[Market-farming] Bean mowers :>)

Elaine Granata ecgranat at ouray.cudenver.edu
Mon Jul 11 00:04:54 EDT 2005

Folks:  Thanks to all for your thoughts.

I don't think it's cutworms, either, since I have the 2 inch stub of the
stem, but I'll dig around and see if I find any.  I've thought about DE and
will try it in my subsequent planting.  Since the second round was covered
with row covers, I don't think it's the rabbits -- the covers were not
disturbed, torn, etc.

I wish I could be there at night like a "fly on the wall-- or under the row
cover"  to see what's happening -- the mysteries of farming!

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> In my experience, cutworms cut off the plant closer to the soil - so i
> doubt that is it. Here, such things happen when browsing animals nip them
> off higher above the soil.  Deer, wascally wabbits, raccons do such in
> our area. I have had success using flashy old cd's on long twigs with
> fishing line.  They even flash in the moonlight at the slightest breeze
> and make the critters uncomfortable enough that they do their browsing
> outside of the vegetable gardens.  Some people around here just tie
> plastic store bags onto tobacco stakes around the beans and corn.  If
> deer, some use "fencing" of high tensile fishing line around certain
> patches with dangles off of that..   My best protection has been our
> small pack of dogs!  My neighbors all have big deer problems in their
> gardens........using the above methods, my crops are the only ones out in
> our hollar that aren't afflicted the last three years.  I think i will
> keep doing it!!
> Good luck.......it is so frustrating to nurture along seed and have it go
> so fast.
> Toni
> Clifty Gardens- Certified Naturally Grown Produce
> Red River Gorge, KY
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