[Market-farming] Bean mowers :>)

tonitime at juno.com tonitime at juno.com
Sun Jul 10 18:36:27 EDT 2005

In my experience, cutworms cut off the plant closer to the soil - so i
doubt that is it. Here, such things happen when browsing animals nip them
off higher above the soil.  Deer, wascally wabbits, raccons do such in
our area. I have had success using flashy old cd's on long twigs with
fishing line.  They even flash in the moonlight at the slightest breeze
and make the critters uncomfortable enough that they do their browsing
outside of the vegetable gardens.  Some people around here just tie
plastic store bags onto tobacco stakes around the beans and corn.  If
deer, some use "fencing" of high tensile fishing line around certain
patches with dangles off of that..   My best protection has been our
small pack of dogs!  My neighbors all have big deer problems in their
gardens........using the above methods, my crops are the only ones out in
our hollar that aren't afflicted the last three years.  I think i will
keep doing it!!
Good luck.......it is so frustrating to nurture along seed and have it go
so fast.
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