[Market-farming] Farmer's Market question

Jill Bussiere jdt at itol.com
Sun Jul 10 08:23:07 EDT 2005

I am glad to hear that that can work sometimes.  What can also happen is
that those who resell sometimes get produce very cheaply, and can undersell
those who do produce locally, themselves.

I think that people are aware enough nowadays to know the benefits of buying
local, fresh, produce, and to know the advantages of being able to talk to
the people who actually produced the stuff.

					Jill Bussiere, Wisconsin

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The most successful farmers Markets I have seen allow all kinds of vendors
to sell all kinds of food products whether they produce them or not in order
to create a draw, once the crowds show up then they begin to restrict or
"refine" the offerings to better highlight the farms in the area.

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