[Market-farming] Farmer's Market question

Lynn Wigglesworth lynnw1366 at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 10 07:58:30 EDT 2005

From: "Cherry Tree Farms" <ctfarms at helicon.net>

> That's a new tactic.  What do you suppose they think the rule will
> accomplish?

There was one particular farmer they were trying to get rid of. He brings
vegetables from his brother's farm a couple counties south of us and sells
through a farmstand on his property and the Farmer's Market. He would also
pick up commercial boxes of oranges or kiwis or something to sell. He was
the only large vendor in the Farmer's Market.

My Farmstand is open Friday morning, when the Farmer's Market is running,
so I didn't get there last year, but when I sold there a few years ago,
there were only half a dozen home gardeners with excess zucchini (I was
one of them then) and someone selling baked goods.  It's a really pathetic
little Farmer's Market. I'd think they would be ENCOURAGING vendors to

Lynn Wigglesworth
Peasant Farmer
Tioga County, PA

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