[Market-farming] Gray mini-critters on the Kale

Sabina F Swift sabina at hawaii.edu
Sat Jul 9 11:31:53 EDT 2005

Hi Mike,
It will be best to find out exactly what the gray mini-critters are
before someone can suggest any kind of remedy for them. Check with your
local extension agent for identification of the pest and most likely
he/she can also recommend the appropriate control measure.
 ~ Sabina

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From: Mike Hulbert - Anna Carter - Creation Soap <creationsoap at boone.net>
Date: Thursday, July 7, 2005 2:58 pm
Subject: Re: [Market-farming] Gray mini-critters on the Kale

> Hi,
> I was wondering what kind of remedies y'all might suggest for that 
> graystuff that grows on the kale like lice or aphids or something.
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