[Market-farming] Buckwheat Questions

Joyce Paski elderberrywine4u at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 8 18:25:54 EDT 2005

That's exactly what I did, John.  I am breaking ground for my market garden on pasture that's been in grass since the 1920s logging days here in Iron County,  WI.  I bought 15 lbs. of buckwheat from the feed store for .70 a pound, tilled a 20' x 100' area (of course, we had to "try out" our new BCS 722 on my husband's garden first) and broadcast about 7 pounds of seed that I then literally walked over with the back side of a garden rake.  The seed came up just fine and is looking great, especially after the 4" rain we had a week or so ago.  I grab a handful for the chicks every now and then and they just love it!  As my tractor came in a month late I wasn't able to get my garden in the way I wanted to, but I at least got some potatoes planted and am trying to get the rest of the field broken so I can plant annual rye to turn under next spring.  Do you think it's too late to plant some oats for hay?

JOHN A HENDRICKSON <jhendric at wisc.edu> wrote:

... Depending on how much you're planting, I'd
be tempted to leave the tiller in the shed and just walk along dragging
a rake behind me (assuming the soil is loose to begin with before you
broadcasted the seed). ....

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