[Market-farming] path cover/green manure

Jennifer Albert jalbert at cybermesa.com
Mon Feb 28 11:13:40 EST 2005

I'm using New Zealand White Clover, which I get from Peaceful Valley. See 

I've planted it between my berry rows as well as in my orchards, and it's 
thriving and providing ALL the nitrogen the berries and trees need. Plus, 
I'm grazing chickens on it. It has choked out all the broad-leafed weeds, 
including bindweed. It grows low and can stand a lot of traffic.

Jenny in Northern New Mexico

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>Regards to the list:
>Last summer our garden was a bottomless sea of black mud much of the
>season.  I am thinking this year, we'll only till where we will plant
>and sow something in the paths not only to help navigate the gardens,
>but to enrich the soil when we plow it under in two or three years.  I
>am considering some kind of clover and alfalfa mix, but need advice
>here.  I could mow now and then if needed.  I would welcome any
>discussion on what would be best to use for the paths.  TIA
>Marie in Missouri (north-central)

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