[Market-farming] path cover/green manure

Tradingpost tradingpost at gilanet.com
Mon Feb 28 10:02:48 EST 2005

I need a quick cover crop for a living mulch on my tomato beds. I'll
transplant into the beds about the first of June after last frost here.
Does anyone know if New Zealand White will grow enough in three months for
that purpose? We'll have quite a few frosty nights over the next three

paul tradingpost at gilanet.com

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On 2/28/2005 at 8:46 AM guyclark at socket.net wrote:

>I have had good luck with both New Zealand White and Dutch White clovers. 
>You can't walk on them much while they establish, but after that they 
>handle quite a bit of traffic. They also tolerate some shade. The nitrogen

>rich mulch that comes from mowing them is a bonus, but you won't get tons 
>because they only grow a few inches tall. 
>Guy Clark
>Columbia, MO
>> Which ones are they?
>> some clovers can handle traffic and do not spread
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