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> I would welcome any
> discussion on what would be best to use for the paths.  TIA

Marie we have been using rye grass for a number of years for our drive ways 
inbetween our beds.  Gives us great wind protection in the early spring to 
protect our new seedling that we transplant.  Keep the ground from washing as 
well, with the 5 and 6 inch rains like last year I know it helped save a lot of 
dirt on our side hills, it stayed solid enough to run our gator and 4 wheelers 
up and down our drive ways without having to deal with getting stuck quite as 
many times.  After the rye gets really tall I just mow it with our rotary mower 
and it makes good mulch to help hold down the weeds.  The least amout of 
tillage reduces erosion greatly so the greatest amount of mulch I can created the 
better off I am .  We seed down all of our beds every fall regardless how late 
it gets, the seed may not get started in the fall but it will grow in the 
spring when it warms up giving great cover.

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