[Market-farming] path cover/green manure

marcy marcy at aculink.net
Sun Feb 27 17:34:22 EST 2005

Indiana Berry lists a "companion protective cover" in their catalog which
they report 2 or 3 mowings. Says its a mix of Elka Perennial Ryegrass and
Creeping Red Fescue.
I haven't tried it, but have considered something similar, especially
between raspberries and such, like a low-growing clover.  Maybe someone else
can report on their experiences.

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> Regards to the list:
> Last summer our garden was a bottomless sea of black mud much of the
> season.  I am thinking this year, we'll only till where we will plant
> and sow something in the paths not only to help navigate the gardens,
> but to enrich the soil when we plow it under in two or three years.  I
> am considering some kind of clover and alfalfa mix, but need advice
> here.  I could mow now and then if needed.  I would welcome any
> discussion on what would be best to use for the paths.  TIA
> Marie in Missouri (north-central)
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