[Market-farming] Round bales: Moving, Transporting, and Feeding

Bob Brocious bbrocious at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 24 12:54:46 EST 2005

Folks, I've found the best way to move round bales in muddy conditions.  Go 
to your local junk yard.  Find the biggest, oldest truck or cadillac.  
Remove the hood.  Take it home.  Turn it upside down.  Tie a tow rope to the 
latch on the hood and the other end on your 4 wheeler.  Drive to your hay 
bale and roll it on to the hood.  Drag it where ever you want and roll it 
off.  This has cut down my use of the tractor significantly even when it 
isn't muddy.
You do have to have some decent tires on your 4 wheeler but I've pulled 
800-1,000 bales behind a Honda 300.  I prefer my Artic Cat 400 though.  That 
hood has so many uses!  Want some fun?  Tie an additional short rope on the 
latch and put your 14 year old son on top of the hood, give him some 
sunglasses and let him pretend his is James Bond on a snowy pasture!  It's a 
hoot when you video tape it!

Bob Brocious
Tenacity Farm
Carrollton, Kentucky

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