[Market-farming] Round bales: Moving, Transporting, and Feeding

mtlivestock crublee at libby.org
Thu Feb 24 10:15:07 EST 2005

<<<Purpose is to be able to pick up mulch hay from neighbor farms to
bring back to my farm. I can also see using it to deliver bales to my
beef. In addition, yes, I am interested in a bale unroller.>>>


I am sorry I have not gotten back to you on this topic.  I cannot seem to
find some of the pertinate information I had on round bales-moving, loading,
feeding.  I will keep looking.

Most of the info. I have came from another forum, Front Porch, on the Rural
Heritage magazine site.

Some of it pertains to using and making bale moving equipment for horse use.
But some is not and is very good information.  Maybe you can look up the
thread in the archives or post the question there.  Many folks on that list
farm with machinery and horses, so they probably wouldn't mind answering
your question.  (Some use ATVs with sleds and such for moving bales.) Have
you tried other farm forums that deal mainly in farm equipment or tractors?
There is alot of good info out there!

Have you tried the Farm Show site?  I use to get their bi-monthly.  It had
several ideas on making bale moving equipment.  I remember a picture and
description of a thing one guy built to unroll the bale in the field using
his pick-up.  He hooked something up to his hubs to use the turning of his
back wheels to unroll the bale as he drove.  http://www.farmshow.com/

The following is another site that has become invaluable to me.  I highly
recommend this site:

Alberta agriculture/livestock gov. site has great information for a beef
producer.  I think there info is more valuable than anything I have run
across in the US.

You may also want to do a search "Agricultural Engineering Publications".

I believe Cattle Today website has some info on round bales too.  I remember
something about estimating weight and feed value/waste of round bales.
Maybe there is some info on moving, transporting, and feeding out of round
bales too.

 Hope this helps! Let us know how your research goes!

BTW:  If you are getting "rained on" or "year old" bales, don't discount
their feed value.  Although the first several layers may be bad, the inside
core could be good feed for steers.  I did this myself last year with some
free bales.  It stretched my hay bill.  I don't recommend feeding it to
pregnant cows.  BE SURE THERE IS NO MOLD!


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