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We also grew "Citrus" (now Cheddar) last fall.  Boy was it gorgeous!  We
also grew Graffiti (dark, saturated purple and a true cauliflower) and
Panther (green).  Even with our nasty, rainy weather, they were very nice.
I guess the proof is - we're growing MORE of each this year.  And, just in
case we MIGHT have a cool enough spring, we're even trialing a few (very
few!) this spring.  Just be aware they have dramatically different days to
maturity, so if you want to market them together, you have to manage
planting dates. One other we really liked was "Silver Cup" from Pinetree
Seeds - a 40 day!! cauliflower, a little small, but just right for small

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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From: Marlin Burkholder [mailto:glenecofarm at planetcomm.net] 

"I just got my seed for that orange cauliflower that was such a big thing
last year.  Has anyone on the list grown this yet?  And if so, what did you
think about it?"

I planted a sample packet from Johnneys SS last year called "Citrus".  They
call it "Cheddar" now but it is the same thing.  It was fabulous!  The heads
sized up nicely and uniformly and were dense and heavy.  Priced at $1.60/lb
(I probably could charge more) some heads brought more than $3.00 each.
They were some kind of beautiful piled on the farmer's market table beside
my brocolli and people really went for them.  I made good and sure that I
would buy a larger quantity of this seed for the 2005 growing season.

Marlin Burkholder
Glen Eco Farm

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