[Market-farming] the best bed shaper

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Wed Feb 23 05:35:29 EST 2005

On Tue, Feb 22, 2005 at 09:43:21AM -0500, robert schuler wrote:
> If you go to Market Farm Implements web page look up bed shapers and click on
> the Lesche Bedder. I can tell you absolutely positively and beyond a shadow of
> doubt that this bedder which needs only a few HP to pull will be just right for
> running seeders like the planet jr. There are hundreds of these bedders in use
> in my county, just about everyone who direct seeds on beds uses them.


At $1600, more than I want to get into right now.  Gracias.  The photo 
is not very revealing as to operation.  Looks like two gangs of tiny 
disks pulverize the surface?  Do the tiny disk gangs compact also?  The 
bed is thrown up by only the two leading discs?  My disk bedders throw 
up about 12" beds (only 18"-30" wide and very non-uniform).  My intended 
shaper should knock them down to about 8" and uniform width of about 
30".  Photos later today.

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