[Market-farming] Leased land- How to use it?

Blue Fox Farm bluefoxfarm at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 21:42:04 EST 2005

Fellow list folks,

We have an opportunity to lease some beautiful land along the river
here in our valley of southern Oregon about 6 minutes from our farm.
We have 3 acres in veggies at our farm and want to expand next year.

Here's the catch- the land available for lease is 120 acres irrigated.
We are planning to grow 10 acres max of veggies in the future, so if I
can't just lease a 20 acre hunk (for rotation capability) I'd like to
figure out something creative to do with the other 100 acres. Organic
alfalfa, grass fed beef or sheep, organic grains, etc?

I was wondering what the list could come up with as plausible uses
that could realistically coincide with growing a mixed veggie
operation at the same time. Wondering if anyone out there has dealt
with a similar setup in the past or currently?

Any input would be great.

Blue Fox Farm


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