[Market-farming] Summer greens

Adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Tue Feb 22 17:27:58 EST 2005


I'm curious why you grow 3 different types of wild arugula.  Doesn't that 
overly complicate production, etc?  Can your customers really tell the 
difference from one to another?

 Here are my suggestions for summer greens from my page at
> http://largocreekfarms.com/greens.htm

I grew mesclun mix all summer long in Florida under shade cloth in a 
greenhouse.  I grew tatsoi, mizuna, Bull's Blood Beets, Bianca Riccia 
Endive, Oscarde lettuce and romaine.  Yields declined due to heat and I only 
got 2-3 cuts before reseeding, but it was doable.  I believe Lucy of 
OhioOrganics and Paul and Allison Weideger also grow greens all summer. 
Lucy are you still growing under floating row cover?

Somebody recommended Jericho lettuce as a great romaine  to grow in the 
summer.  It is now available from several sources including Johnny's.

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