[Market-farming] Summer production of cool season vegetables

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Another angle is to try special varieties that stand up to summer heat
better, though it may take experimenting for your location. And you still
might want to keep Pat's portable planters close by just in case. Here are
my suggestions for summer greens from my page at

New Zealand Spinach

Sylvetta Arugula

Bionda da Taglio chard

Catalonia Italian Dandelion

Red Ursa Kale

Magenta Magic orach


Also some beet greens at http://largocreekfarms.com/beets.htm . This is a
work in progress obviously, and anyone with suggestions, we're glad to hear
your experience. We're compiling varieties and sources that may be more
heat tolerant or cold tolerant, better for storage or short season. We're
especially interested in heirlooms from anywhere that are more suited to
certain climates or conditions. It's a free service on our part and we
don't get commissions or sell these seeds ourselves.

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On 2/22/2005 at 8:36 AM Pat Meadows wrote:

>On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 15:56:01 -0600, you wrote:
>>Dear Growers, etc.
>>I am interested in examples of people using high tunnels, row covers, 
>>shade cloth, misters, sprinkler irrigation, or other tricks to cool 
>>things down enough to produce lettuce, spinach and other cool season 
>>leafy green vegetables in the heat of the summer. 
>This is on a microscopic scale, mind you, but I grow lettuce
>and mesclun mix in a container on wheels and pull it into a
>shaded area on hot sunny summer days.  
>I am able to have fresh lettuce and mesclun throughout the
>entire summer in this manner (but I live in northern
>Pennsylvania in the mountains, I don't know if it would work
>in Texas or similar places).
>This could be adapted to a larger scale. 
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