[Market-farming] Garden Way carts, was wheelbarrows for women

Betsy Knutson betsy at gobigwest.com
Mon Feb 21 23:00:59 EST 2005

I recently found a Garden Way style cart on eBay, we have not put it
together yet, but it looks like the real deal and was a quite a bit cheaper.
I had the smaller Garden Way cart years ago and once in about 15 years had
to replace part of the wood panels in it. (We never treated it with water
repellent and it got left out, a lot.) Not too bad all things considered. I
wish I still had it, but for once it was put away in the barn when the
neighbor kids started a fire and burned the barn down. My mother has one of
the larger ones that was purchased I think more than 25 years ago and has
hauled tons of stuff all over the family farm.



Betsy (betsy at gobigwest.com)

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> >At 5'5" I would consider myself "average" but I find that they are wobbly
> >and difficult to control. The ergonomics just don't seem to work for me.
> My
> >husband thinks they are just great.  Is there a better alternative more
> >suited to our frames?
> I'm 5'4".
> I don't have one now, but when I had a 'Garden Way' cart, I
> found it very easy to handle.
> I loved it - it was so well-balanced that it *never* seemed
> heavy to push or pull, not even when it had a heavy load.
> http://www.cartsvermont.com/pages/541/Garden_Carts.htm
> Carts Vermont is a different outfit (Garden Way itself no
> longer exists), but they make pretty much the same thing, I
> think.  They are expensive, as you can see.  I've seen
> cheaper versions elsewhere but I don't if the cheaper ones
> are very well made.
> Pat
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