[Market-farming] bed shapers

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Mon Feb 21 21:42:18 EST 2005

On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 07:22:26PM -0600, TxBeeFarmer wrote:
> Willie,
> I put buster plows on 1"x3" shanks.  When it's time to build beds, I take
> another buster plow, turn it upside down, and set it on top of each of the
> busters that are already mounted on the shanks.  No bolting necessary,
> they'll stay in place.  These additional upside down busters insure that the
> maximum amount of dirt is thrown onto the bed.  When It's time to plant, I
> have busters mounted in front of the opening plow.  I set them level and a
> little higher than the seed tube opening.  This levels the beds, scrapes off
> the dry layer of dirt, and makes a nice surface for the opening plow to go
> through and drop the seeds, all at the same time.  If I need to replant, I
> often take the busters off and just use the opening plow by its self.  If I
> need to scrap off more dry dirt, then I leave the busters on.

I can't picture it.  You have a digital camera?  If you can send me a 
(modest size) photo, I'll post it for all to see along with my disk 
bedder tomorrow or the next day.

You probably have experience with row crops (cotton, corn, sorghum, 
soybean)?  I have none.

Don't know about wind on berries.  I would be afraid of plants getting 
abraded by wind-blown grit.  No more so than with other young crops, 
though.  That much wind can't do anything any good.  I went to a 
weekend race at an airfield near Midland many years ago.  A strong 
sand-blasting wind blew all morning one day.  Due to the stinging grit, 
you couldn't face the wind; you backed into the wind.  To our great 
relief, it settled down around noon.  Then, it blew with equal 
ferocity from the other direction all afternoon.

"Stick Planter":  My green pea planting was a failure.  Birds dug out 
and ate 90+%.  So far, I have planted 1/2 row of okra and 1/2 row of 
sweet corn with it; about 200-300' each.  Into killed weeds and crop 
residue.  Nothing up yet.

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