[Market-farming] How much Bloody Butcher Corn?

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Mon Feb 21 19:36:09 EST 2005

    Blooy butcher should procuduce about 60 bushels to the acre so figure
from that probably no more than a 10th acre for what you are wanting , It
makes good corn meal for sure when I was growing up in Jackson county me and
my old mule used to raise about 10 acres a year of it.

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> Hey Wise Ones!
>      I am thinking of growing a patch of Bloody Butcher Corn for meal -
> enough for our family of 4 (we don't use extraordinary amounts of
> cornmeal!)......and maybe to give as gift bags in the holiday baskets.
> How much corn should i grow to do this?  Is there a minimum that local
> mills will grind for people?
> It is so, so beautiful a crop!  Seems like another fun one to think a
> little bigger on all this land........why is it so hard to go from city
> yardening to having acreage??!!
> Hope it has been a fine day over your ways,
> Toni .......who wishes  a few "Clonies" would show up to help with all we
> want to grow and eat around here, let alone sell!!!
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