[Market-farming] Effective microorganisms, wheelbarrows for women

Karen Sutherland ksutherland at hampshire.edu
Mon Feb 21 18:07:30 EST 2005

> This is so interesting.  There is a general principle underlying all 
> these variations of IM, EM -- and I don't think it's just molasses.    
> Can someone familiar with these (and perhaps other similar systems) 
> take a stab at defining what that might be?  
> All best wishes,
> Karen
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> Allan Balliett wrote:
>> Before you get too far into the "Orientalism" of the  IMO thing, it 
>> might be good to know that Bob Cannard - - of Odwalla and Chez 
>> Panisse fame - - innoculates his fields with an anaerobic ferment 
>> that's simply made from a handful of 'the best soil on the property' 
>> mixed in 5 gallon buckets with water and molasses. Apply after a head 
>> develops. Apply frequently, perhaps with every watering.
>> I think Bob is acknowledged as the grower of the best tasting carrots 
>> in the world. All of his other stuff is awesome as well. There's no 
>> limit to the craftsmanship that he brings to his crops, but rock dust 
>> (SUMMA) and frequent anaerobic inoculations are part of it.

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