[Market-farming] wheelbarrows for women

Carol Larsen sunborn at mhtc.net
Mon Feb 21 12:19:34 EST 2005

I used a  Garden Way cart for many years and love it for what it does. However ,one thing it can't do that a wheelbarrow can is go down narrow rows after planting. I would think that the 2 wheeled barrows would have the same problem.  And when the rows are 100' ft long that is a ways to go with mulch, compost or what have you. This Spring I am battling significant arm/ muscle problems from wheelbarrow work and shoveling loads of compost. Perhaps we need to have some ergonomic advice on these tasks for shorter women ( I am only 5'2").
About 5 years ago I replaced the garden way cart with a lawn tractor and attached wagon. Works super for me since it is all up hill from the field to the house/cooler. I am not getting any younger! 
Carol Larsen 
Sunborn Gardens
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