[Market-farming] Effective microorganisms, wheelbarrows for women

Karen Sutherland ksutherland at hampshire.edu
Mon Feb 21 08:26:45 EST 2005

Thanks, Adriana.

Glad for the information about your EM.  Please let me/the list know how 
your trial works.

Re Wheelbarrows:  I am almost 5' tall.  I love my GardenWay Carts -- the 
largest size with pneumatic tires.  I can haul incredible loads without 
hurting my back or the cart.   I bought my first 25 years or so ago from 
GardenWay.  If the garbage truck hadn't driven into it, it would 
probably still be good.   There are a number of different designs 
available now, from different places, including Johnny's and Gardener's 
Supply (where I got the next one of mine).  

Best wishes,


Adriana wrote:

> Karen,
> I have an assortment of formulas which I obtained from Gil Carangang 
> of the Phillipines.  The primary formula used "rice wash water" which 
> is the water which is left after rinsing rice BEFORE you cook it in an 
> oriental style rice cooker.  To quote Gil it is the "solution left 
> when you wash the rice with water".    After a 5-7 day fermentation at 
> 70°F you add milk.  My understanding is that this allows the 
> lactobacillus to crowd out the less desirable microorganisms.    The 
> resulting solution is then innoculated with molassses to further 
> activate it.  He also has recipes for "Forest beneficial 
> Microorganisms".  For more information  contact Gil at 
> gil_carandang at hotmail.com  There is a nominal $15 charge for his 
> information.  I am just now starting my first batch ( I had to abandon 
> my first batch mid-wqay due to a crisis).
>> Have any of you produced your own local EM?  If so, was your procedure
>> the same?
>> I am confused about the part where you "rinse the rice and mix in a
>> solution".  Seems to me like the rinse water would contain the EM's.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> Re: Wheelbarrows for women
> Do any of the women on this list find conventional wheelbarrows 
> comfortable to use?  I don't.
> At 5'5" I would consider myself "average" but I find that they are 
> wobbly and difficult to control. The ergonomics just don't seem to 
> work for me.  My husband thinks they are just great.  Is there a 
> better alternative more suited to our frames?
> Adriana
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