[Market-farming] Re: wheelbarrows for women

Tom at Limerock limerock at thirdplanet.net
Mon Feb 21 07:42:41 EST 2005

>From a 'guy', yes, I will agree that they can be difficult.  Have you 
seen/tried on of those two-wheeled barrows?  I have wanted one, just will 
not pay the big bucks for it.  And depending on what you are hauling, the 
high wheel garden carts will move a lot of material, in bulk and weight.


From: Adriana

Re: Wheelbarrows for women

Do any of the women on this list find conventional wheelbarrows comfortable
to use?  I don't.

At 5'5" I would consider myself "average" but I find that they are wobbly
and difficult to control. The ergonomics just don't seem to work for me.  My
husband thinks they are just great.  Is there a better alternative more
suited to our frames?


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