[Market-farming] Effective microorganisms, wheelbarrows for women

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Sun Feb 20 23:29:59 EST 2005

Before you get too far into the "Orientalism" of 
the  IMO thing, it might be good to know that Bob 
Cannard - - of Odwalla and Chez Panisse fame - - 
innoculates his fields with an anaerobic ferment 
that's simply made from a handful of 'the best 
soil on the property' mixed in 5 gallon buckets 
with water and molasses. Apply after a head 
develops. Apply frequently, perhaps with every 

I think Bob is acknowledged as the grower of the 
best tasting carrots in the world. All of his 
other stuff is awesome as well. There's no limit 
to the craftsmanship that he brings to his crops, 
but rock dust (SUMMA) and frequent anaerobic 
inoculations are part of it.

>I have an assortment of formulas which I 
>obtained from Gil Carangang of the Phillipines. 
>The primary formula used "rice wash water" which 
>is the water which is left after rinsing rice 
>BEFORE you cook it in an oriental style rice 
>cooker.  To quote Gil it is the "solution left 
>when you wash the rice with water".    After a 
>5-7 day fermentation at 70°F you add milk.  My 
>understanding is that this allows the 
>lactobacillus to crowd out the less desirable 
>microorganisms.    The resulting solution is 
>then innoculated with molassses to further 
>activate it.  He also has recipes for "Forest 
>beneficial Microorganisms".  For more 
>information  contact Gil at 
>gil_carandang at hotmail.com  There is a nominal 
>$15 charge for his information.  I am just now 
>starting my first batch ( I had to abandon my 
>first batch mid-wqay due to a crisis).
>>Have any of you produced your own local EM?  If so, was your procedure
>>the same?
>>I am confused about the part where you "rinse the rice and mix in a
>>solution".  Seems to me like the rinse water would contain the EM's.
>Re: Wheelbarrows for women
>Do any of the women on this list find 
>conventional wheelbarrows comfortable to use?  I 
>At 5'5" I would consider myself "average" but I 
>find that they are wobbly and difficult to 
>control. The ergonomics just don't seem to work 
>for me.  My husband thinks they are just great. 
>Is there a better alternative more suited to our 
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