[Market-farming] Garlic question-planting times/harvest times/ Chinese Garlic

Margaret L Wilson booldawgs at cavenet.com
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Grocery store garlic is imported from China.  I was in the grocery store a few days ago and watched people sorting through garlic and complaining.  It was expensive and low quality.
I watched Lou Dobbs on his CNN financial show a few days ago.  He was talking with a farmer from Bakersfield CA.  The garlic farmers are being put out of business by China "dumping" garlic in the USA.  They are selling at prices way below the cost of growing it and exporting it too us in order to takeover the garlic market.
My husband heard the same thing on a Bay Area radio program a year ago.

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In previous years I have grown hard neck garlics; planted in late Nov
and harvested in late May to early June.  They were wonderful!

This past fall, I was unable to plant any and am now disgusted with the
quality of grocery store garlic.  What can I grow if I want to plant

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