[Market-farming] RE: Garlic question-planting times/harvest times

Alliums garlicgrower at green-logic.com
Sun Feb 20 14:20:47 EST 2005

Hi, Folks!

MeLani wrote:

<<This past fall, I was unable to plant any and am now disgusted with the
quality of grocery store garlic.  What can I grow if I want to plant
some now and when would it be ready to harvest???  Someone told me that
I would have to grow a soft neck at this time of year and it should be
ready at the end of summer.  Is this true? >>

Well, you can plant either hard or softneck in the Spring and get a harvest
by the fall, but the bulbs won't be as large as when you planted in the
Fall.  You also might have to water more since the garlic won't have had the
winter to develop its root system.

However, your varieties will keep better planted than out of the ground for
a whole year, so if you didn't plant any garlic and it's still around, I'd
plant it as soon as the soil permits.  If you don't have any seed garlic
laying around, I'd wait and re-start again in the fall.


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