[Market-farming] Effective Micro-organisms

Adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Sun Feb 20 11:19:46 EST 2005

For an excellent discussion and overview of effective micro-organisms go to:

In the author's own words:

" Frankly, the primary reason why I decided to create this website was 
because I encountered quite a bit of ambiguity and confusion as I first 
started to use and play with  EM and related cultures.  The confusion and 
ambiguity came from many sources; from distributors and vendors of EM 
products, EM retail stores, and "official" EM websites for variuos 
organizations, and from other,  non-official EM websites, and from 
individuals in the EM world.  I often received confusing answers to my 
questions, or replies which totally contradicted what someone at the same 
organization had told me the day before, or which contradicted what the 
label on my EM bottle advised, coontradicted what an "official" EM website 
advised, or contradicted what many unofficial EM websites claimed..
The deeper I waded into the EM waters, the more impressed I became with the 
synergistic metabiotic consortium (cluster) of organisms called EM and their 
incredible usefulness, and yet the more aware I became that there was 
apparently a lot of confusion and miscommunication in the EM world.  "

If you are interested in this topic, Vinny's web site is a "must-read".


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