[Market-farming] Re: Raccoons

velta Mack velta at viclink.com
Sat Feb 19 23:05:59 EST 2005

> Just wondering, what was the reasoning behind dispatching a raccoon Vs
> relocating it?   In any case, dispatching works for me.  Saves me a trip to
> the woods...
In Oregon, you just are not supposed to relocate them.  If you trap them,
you are supposed to kill them, period.  They are a serious nuisance here -
too many ex-urbanites have moved to the country and think they are cute so
they feed them and take pictures of them and brag about how much they love
nature.  They are even a problem in town now. If you relocate them, you are
just relocating a problem, not solving it.

Velta Mack - Sialia Llamas - Sheridan, OR

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