[Market-farming] Composting with Microorganisms

Joe Kames farfish at francomm.com
Sat Feb 19 18:07:06 EST 2005


I have no experience with this company and I have a tendency toward 
skepticism. Checking out the web site you gave rather reinforced this 
tendency as I read the host of panaceas claimed by the company. The sonic 
belt (see below) and the ceramic necklace were the clinchers on my doubts.

This is however just my opinion, I wish I could offer something more 

                                   Far From the Sea Farm
This is one heck of a belt, but I'll stick with the kind that just holds my 
pants up.

      Back brace designed to relieve stress by converting oxygen free 
radicals into water. The belt absorbs radical chemicals & radiation, 
converting them into far-infrared heat, resulting in low-energy electrical 
ultra-sonic vibrations. These vibrations are similar to acupuncture, 
acupressure & TENS (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation). Also helps to reduce 
inflammation from athletic injury, ie. tennis elbow, shoulder/ neck pain.
      There are two types of sonic belt, the thick belt (40" long) is used 
for chronic pain and the thin belt (45" long) is used for injuries suffered 
in acute instances. Both sizes are adjustable with velcro ends.

               Choose a different size/type Thin Thick

                  Retail Price:   $31.95    Qty

> Can anyone explain the relationship between the anerobic process they
> describe and the aerobic process that most composters utalize?
> Then there is the compost tea that you bubble air through like crazy to
> increase the beneficial microbes. Hmmm???? I think that they claim that if
> you spray their product on plants that it will prevent disease too.
> Their web site is http://www.scdworld.com
> Marty Kraft
> Heartland All Species Project
> Kansas City, MO
> http://www.allspecies.org
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