[Market-farming] Composting with Microorganisms

Marty Kraft martyk at allspecies.org
Sat Feb 19 16:47:27 EST 2005

Title is kind of silly. I don't think you can compost without them.

The people who make a product called Effective and Beneficial Organisms
donated some of their dated culture to us for use in our garden. Their claim
is that the organisms are anaerobic and that we need to keep the air away.
That strikes me as curious because I have always heard that you need aerobic
bacteria to heat up the pile and kill the anaerobic pathogens. I know when I
turn the pile the activity increases plentyfold.

Does anyone have experience with this or a similar product?

Can anyone explain the relationship between the anerobic process they
describe and the aerobic process that most composters utalize?

Then there is the compost tea that you bubble air through like crazy to
increase the beneficial microbes. Hmmm???? I think that they claim that if
you spray their product on plants that it will prevent disease too.

Their web site is http://www.scdworld.com

Marty Kraft
Heartland All Species Project
Kansas City, MO

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