[Market-farming] Wheelbarrow wheel source?

Alliums garlicgrower at green-logic.com
Sat Feb 19 16:25:42 EST 2005

Hi, Folks!

Does anyone have a good source to get replacement wheelbarrow wheels?  Our
adjudicated youth are hard on our wheelbarrows and the wheels (especially
the solid ones) are always getting flat/damaged/whatever.  FixAFlat can only
take you far with teenagers! ;-)

Anyway, Sear's Hardware wants $30 for a wheelbarrow wheel -- almost as much
as a new wheelbarrow.  If we could find a good source for replacement
wheels, it would help our budget a lot!

Thanks for the help!

Dorene Pasekoff, Coordinator
St. John's United Church of Christ Organic Community Garden and Labyrinth

A mission of 
St. John's United Church of Christ, 315 Gay Street, Phoenixville, PA  19460

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