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Margaret L Wilson booldawgs at cavenet.com
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Interesting bait, I will have to try it.  My choice of bait is sardines, the cheapest, smelliest ones that you can find.  I do relocate foxes but not raccoons or possums.  Foxes are native here, they are not.  Actually my first choice with foxes is a warning shot right over the head.  I want them to stay out in the pasture and woods and away from my chickens, ducks and geese.

Raccoons are absolutely vicious when cornered.  They have an amazing set of claws on all four feet.  They can roll over and disembowel a dog in a few seconds.  I have sheep so I am wanting to get a pair of LGDs, like Great Pyrenees or Anatolian Shepherds.  They will take care of all of your critter problems as I understand it.  I have mountain lions too.
Coyotes are shot on sight with a .223 ranch rifle.  They are way over populated in most areas.  Their food of choice is lamb but cats and small dogs are a close second.

comfort the disturbed,,, disturb the comfortable

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> The best all-around groundhog, skunk, racoon, possom and cat live trap bait 
> I have found is marshmellows.  Buy the big ones, tear off some smaller hunks 
> and lead a trail into the trap, and then toss a whole one in the back.
> Tom

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