[Market-farming] Re: Raccoons

Robin Follette marketfarmers at thymeforewe.com
Sat Feb 19 13:25:26 EST 2005

> Just wondering, what was the reasoning behind dispatching a raccoon Vs
> relocating it?

Relocating wildlife means they need to find food sources and shelter in an 
unfamiliar area.  Depending on the time of year this could cause a long and 
painful death.  At any time of year it could mean swift death to a predator 
because the animal hasn't yet found new shelter.

I live in the woods.  It quickly looks like you've driven past the homes and 
into the woods.  People stop to release animals 100 yards up the road at the 
end of a side road.  Without meaning to, it's easy to cause a problem for 
someone else.

In some places animal control will take the pest.  In other places game 
wardens are the people you need to talk with.  Out here in the middle of no 
where we shoot and dispose of them.

Robin Follette
Thyme For Ewe Farm

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