[Market-farming] Re: Raccoons

velta Mack velta at viclink.com
Sat Feb 19 10:58:54 EST 2005

> I agree with Lucy.  I haven't had a skunk problem here, but having lost most
> of my sweet corn (in one night) last year to a marauding bunch of coons, I
> believe that there is no place for them on my little farm.  This year, I
> plan to live trap them, and relocate them to out to the woods a few miles
> away.  If they start coming back, I will break out the old shotgun if need
> be.
I went to a Vertebrate Predator seminar at OSU (Oregon) a few years ago and
they said that if you trap a raccoon, you must NOT relocate it.  DISPATCH
IT! is what they said to do.  I had raccoons not only eating the cat food
but opening the garbage can they were in, even with the lid bungeed tight.
I used a large livetrap with a can of cheap cat food wired loosely to the
far end of the cage.  Just punch holes in the lid - so they can smell it but
have to work at figuring out how to get to it.  I haven't tried the
marshmallows but since I now have two LGD's, I don't have the problem
anymore.  My Pyr/Maremma hates raccoons!

Velta Mack - Sialia Llamas - Sheridan, OR

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